The Product Design process is a critical framework that engineers use to solve problems. As we walk through each section of this article, we notice that the concepts and skills required of a product designer is varied and change depending on which stage of the process we are at. As a new product developer, engineers get to wear multiple hats by take part problem solver, part researcher, part designer, part product manager, part data analyst and part marketer.


Prototyping new product before its mass production can effectively prevent from potential disasters. Any of prototyping technique that we use, do share them with other department such as production, quality and market people. Sucure product specification and mass production smothly as well as quality comply with safety standard and requlation

Electronic Design.

New production electronic need to define the product market are wishing to design and produce. Engineer should capture all market requirements and the specifications in a single document. Subsequently, engineers use this information to create a product proposal then create schematic Capture, PCB Layout, Prototype Production, Pilot Run Production then Mass Production.

Refine Product.

As the new product get refine better and better improvement, it become the most important process. according to customers complain about quality, market costs issue, production resources wasted, bottlenecks of production. SYDNEYTEK providing all products with new life by refining every single day-to-day.