Fire resistance test

Fire rated lighting products have an important role in fire safety, On each downlighter they have an intumescent pad, which will expand when it reaches a certain temperature, and ultimately slow the spread of fire. Different fire rated downlights have different fire rated times, varying from 30 to 90 minutes. Without fire rated downlights, it can mean that your ceiling collapses within just a few minutes compared to giving you extra time to get out to safety.

Integrating Sphere.

Light scattered by the interior of the integrating sphere is evenly distributed over all angles. The integrating sphere is used in optical measurements. The total power (flux) of a light source can be measured without inaccuracy caused by the directional characteristics of the source, or the measurement device. Reflection and absorption of samples can be studied. The sphere creates a reference radiation source that can be used to provide a photometric standard.


Goniophotometer can be used for measurement of luminous flux, luminous intensity distribution from a lighting product. Equipped with color sensors additional characteristics can be measured distribution of correlated color temperature, color uniformity.

SMD Reflow Profiling.

The reflow oven temperature profile is suited for characteristics of a particular circuit board assembly, the size and depth of the ground plane layer within the board, the number of layers within the board, the number and size of the components, for example. The temperature profile for a particular circuit board will allow for reflow of solder onto the adjoining surfaces, without overheating and damaging the electrical components beyond their temperature tolerance. In the conventional reflow soldering process, there are usually four stages, called "zones", each having a distinct thermal profile: preheat, thermal soak (often shortened to just soak), reflow, and cooling.