Document Control

Document management enables efficient access and collaboration through storing, sharing, and tracking documents. Documents that support critical business processes with quality, product development, corporate training. SYDNEYTEK is Using document management solution accelerates processes and simplifies compliance with ISO, safety standard and other regulatory standards..


On job education and training level are important characteristics not only during the hiring stages, but throughout his or her career. The skills and learning necessary for performing a job can almost always be enhanced by on-the-job instruction or a mid-career return to the classroom. SYDNEYTEK is increasingly aware of the beneficial role of education among their workers, in terms of the immediate impact on performance and for long-term professional development.

Video Conference

Video conferencing not only creates a more collaborative meeting culture in SYDNEYTEK, it's a foundation for enabling digital workforce. Video meetings help teams maintain human connections, irrespective of physical location, which speeds up decision making and improves our ability to collaborate globally.

ISO-9001 Certified.

ISO 9001 certification demonstrates SYDNEYTEK's ability to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. ISO 9001 certified in order to minimise our company risk of developing, manufacturing a poor product or service – SYDNEYTEK being ISO 9001 certified BY TUV since 2015 can attain significant improvements in working procedure efficiency and product quality by minimising waste and errors and increasing productivity.